6 Top Spanish Dishes That You Must Try In Sydney’s Wine Bar

Are you looking for quality wine with sizzling Spanish cuisine? Then you are actually in the right place. Here we discuss 6 sizzling Spanish dishes that are served with classic wine in the best wine bar in Sydney CBD. Spanish dishes are extremely delicious. Indeed, the people of Sydney have special crave for wine. Therefore getting a good quality wine is not difficult here. Additionally, having Spanish food with wine is just a great combination that will make your day. Take a look in the sizzling Spanish dishes

Gambas Al Ajillo (1).png

Gambas Al Ajillo

Gambas means prawns in Spain and ajilo means garlic. This dish is prepared by cooking prawns in olive oil with roasted garlic and chilli. Gambas al ajillo is a famous tapas which was originated from Andalusia. However, because of its specialty, you will get them in almost all the bars in Sydney. So do you fond of seafood dearly? Then try this tapas along with fine quality wines.

Boquerones Fritos.png

Boquerones Fritos

Boquerones Fritos is the most famous Spanish dish in which anchovies are deep-fried. You will get them in the best bars in Sydney. You will fall in great love with this tasty and wonderful dish.

Garbanzos Con Espinacas.png

Garbanzos Con Espinacas

If you are a vegetarian or looking for some vegetarian Spanish dish then you must try this yummy dish. This dish is very simple which is made with spinach and chickpeas. Additionally, garbanzos con espinacas is one of the healthy tapas.


Do you know what Picos are? It is actually breadsticks. This is a type of snack that is served with salads and soups. Even if you order salmorejo or gazpacho, you may expect Picos along with them. These crunchy snacks are also served with olives and wine alongside restaurants and bars.



Seeking of tasting something bizarre yet delicious? You should taste caracoles. It is one of the common tapas found in Spain. This snail tapas is prepared specially to bring unique taste into this dish.

Churros Con Chocolate.png

Churros Con Chocolate

This is the most authentic yet traditional Spanish desserts from Spain. Churros with chocolate is just undeniably a favorite Spanish dessert. Actually, the people of Spain love to eat churros regularly alongside coffee at their breakfast. Spaniards dip churros in chocolate and have them during their breakfast.

These are the most famous Spanish tapas that you can get in unique wine bars in Sydney, CBD. Relish your food in peace in a lavish yet sophisticated environment. Choose the bars and then book your table prior to your visit.

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