6 Delicious Tapas To Taste In The Restaurants In Sydney

You probably have heard of tapas. It is an appetizer and a very famous Spanish dish. It is full of flavor. Tapas are of various types and are delicious to taste. It is served in very small quantity in the restaurants and bars. You will get to taste this full of the flavoured dish even in the best tapas restaurant in Sydney. If you want to come along with your family, then you must book a table.


Gambas al Ajillo
Do you crave for seafood? Then you will surely love this dish. The ingredients used to make gambas al ajillo are chili peppers, garlic, and olive oil. Prawn is then sauteed in the ingredients mentioned. It’s just a sizzling tapa that you are sure to love.

Patatas Bravas
This tapa is a little different with a soft inside and crispy outside. It is served with aioli and spicy tomato sauce in the restaurants and bars.

Tortilla Española
It is one of the most famous dishes in Spain. The ingredients used to make this dish are salt, onions, peppers, eggs and olive oil. Some restaurants include some variations to add color and flavor. This tapa is incredibly delicious. You must try.

This dish is very simple to make but takes more time to prepare. The ingredients required to prepare this dish are meat and vegetables. These ingredients are then mixed with bechamel. Sometimes cod is also added to bring more variations. It is then cooled and lightly breaded. It is allowed to set in & then deeply fried. You must taste the crispy, creamy and delicate tapas.

Pan con Tomate
This tapa is very tasty yet simple. The ingredients used to make this tapa is olive oil, garlic, bread, and tomato. It is an incredibly popular dish in Spain.

You probably have heard of Gazpacho, a famous Spanish dish. It is a refreshing yet cold tapas enjoyed during the summer season. It is preferred by many people. Chiefly, Salmorejo is the thicker and creamier version of Gazpacho. This dish is prepared with fresh tomatoes. It is then blended well with sherry vinegar, stale bread, and olive oil. Sometimes it is garnished with Spanish ham to bring more variation.


Aren’t these dishes sound very sizzling and delicious? Tapas is a very delicious and unique dish. If you taste these dishes, you will fall in love with them. Before you book a table, you must lookup for the best restaurant. This is because they will never compromise with their food quality.

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