Sydney’s 4 Most Popular Spanish Dishes

Do you love to explore Spanish bars in the heart of Sydney? If you have a fondness for Spanish foods & wide you should visit the best bars in Sydney CBD. You can taste the world’s famous Spanish tapas along with the classic wines at these bars. The interesting thing about choosing Sydney, CBD is that it is the commercial center of Sydney. Spanish bars offer a range of foods and a signature collection of Spanish wines. These foods will give you an unforgettable and mouth-watering taste every time. Apart from that, you will also enjoy the ambiance of a Spanish bar. Here are 4 popular Spanish foods that you should try in Sydney’s bar.


Jamon Iberico

The Spanish ham is of two types such as Jamon Iberico and Jamon Serrano. Jamon Iberico is the most expensive & typical Spanish tapas. If you get into the bars in Sydney, CBD you will come across air-dried & salted cured ham. These are hanged in the best rooftop bars. They are also called Pata Negra. This is the finest quality ham. Whereas Jamon Serrano is cheaper than Jamon Iberico.


Paella in Valencian language means “pan”. This iconic dish was originated originally from Valencia. Paella is a dish made of rice and is very famous in Spain. It is considered the national dish of Spain. Although paella is tasted all over the world. Paella is of various types such as seafood paella, vegetable paella, meat paella, and mixed paella.


Gazpacho is actually a tomato soup which is very famous Spanish. However, this dish becomes the world’s most famous dish. Do you know its origin? It was originated from Andalusia. It is an appetizer and classic tapas savored mostly in the summer.


Salmorejo is also a famous Spanish dish. This dish was also originated from Andalusia and almost similar to gazpacho. Salmorejo is made from bread, vinegar, pureed tomatoes, and garlic. It is served mostly with ham or chopped egg onto the top. Are you vegetarian? You can order this dish without ham.

You will get the genuine Spanish cuisine in the best bars in Sydney, CBD. You can book a table before you visit this place. It’s better to book a table at the best rooftop bars. You can enjoy the taste of the food. So why not take a tour of Sydney and explore the place with your dearly beloved? Discover the specialty of this place and make your trip memorable.

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