What are the different types of Spanish wines?


Spanish wines are unique and striking. They go well with all kinds of rich foods. They are generally made up of a variety of grapes like Tempranillo, Garnacha, Monastrell, Bobal and many more. Want to know about the different types of Spanish wines available? Here they are.

Tempranillo wine

Tempranillo is the most popular Spanish Red Grape Wine. The meaning of “Temprano” is ‘early in Spanish’ and Tempranillo means that in early days in Spain the grapes have been harvested. The taste of Tempranillo is sweet.

Garnacha wine

Garnacha is called Grenache in France but originated in Spain. This juicy and fresh wine has smooth iced tea flavor. In Spain, this wine was found in Navarra, La Rioja, Cataluña and Aragón. In Rioja, Garnacha is generally blended with Tempranillo.

Rioja Gran Reserva wine

Rioja Gran Reserva Spanish red wines are popular for all kinds of occasions. These wines are based on a variety of Tempranillo.

High-End Garnacha and blends

High-end Garnacha wines are blended with dark raspberry and high tannin flavors. They generally come from old vines. You will find a single variety of Garnacha across Madrid, whereas old vines in high vineyards produce concentrated wines. The Priorat region can also use Garnacha blended with Merlot, Syrah, Cariñena and Cabernet Sauvignon and deliver bolder styles with licorice and blackberry.

Monastrell wine

Monastrell is as same as Mourvèdre in France but its origin happens to be in Spain. This wine is intensely bold with black plum, high tannin, black pepper, and chocolate flavors. Primarily, Monastrell is manufactured in central Spain. These wines are generally economical and have excellent values. They can be widely found in France, Spain. This wine is also highly popular in Australia. In Sydney, this variety is widely served in a traditional wine bar.

Mencía wine

Mencía is a unique medium-bodied wine, which is highly popular in Portugal and Spain. Wine lovers like Mencía because of its floral aromas, layers red fruit, and tannins. The wines are generally manufactured in Northwest Spain around the region of Galicia and in Portugal.

Bobal wine

Bobal is one of the most planted grapes in Spain. It is mainly found in Valencia. These grapes are prized for their high tannins, deep purple color, and black fruit flavors. Bobal wines are colorful and full-bodied. They are extremely popular in Spain as well as in Australia.

Spanish wines are highly popular around the world. The taste and flavor of these Spanish wines are excellent. If you visit a Spanish wine bar restaurant then you will surely enjoy your moments having a sip of these world-class, classy wines.

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