Choose The Best Wedding Reception Venue in Sydney

Choosing wedding reception venues in Sydney are very confusing. From the house of worship to historic mansions, there are numbers of wedding reception venues out there. Here are some of the most common types of venues in Sydney that you can choose.

House of Worship Wedding Venues
House of Worship Wedding Venues

House of Worship is one of the most traditional wedding venues. In Sydney, most of the couples prefer to arrange their wedding ceremonies in religious buildings such as a church, temple, mosque, synagogue etc. These religious buildings are generally available for wedding ceremonies only. However, some of them also offer spaces for wedding receptions.


After House of Worships, restaurants are also widely used for wedding reception parties. If you and your love are extremely food lover, a classic restaurant will be the perfect location for your wedding ceremony. Definitely, restaurants are well designed with chairs, tables and décor. In Sydney, you will surely find such restaurants who offer event spaces for wedding reception parties. However, these restaurants are also ideal for all kinds of private parties and events like birthdays, engagements, family gatherings, corporate meetings etc.

Historic Mansion
Historic Mansion

Historic mansions or homes have a vintage vibe and sense of nostalgia. These popular venues are extremely perfect for indoor and outdoor wedding reception parties. Historic mansions are mostly used for modern wedding receptions. You and your lover will definitely enjoy the beauty of the historical architecture. However, there are some rules and regulations to maintain the beauty of the buildings.

Park or Garden
Grass and green woods in the park

If you are looking for an outdoor venue for your wedding reception party then a park or garden will be the perfect choice for you. In Sydney, park or garden is considered as the most popular wedding reception spot. Your guest will surely enjoy the natural beauty and photogenic landscape of the venue. This outdoor wedding spot always offers a large event space and does not require additional decor.

Farm or Barn

Farm or Barn

Is your love dreaming of a casual and rustic wedding party? Farm or barn is exactly what you are searching for. This wedding reception venue always offers you a rustic charm, casual feel, a great opportunity for taking photographs and more. With a rustic & casual ambience, simple decorations and soothing atmosphere make the farm or barn perfect for wedding reception parties.

When selecting a wedding reception venue, you should surely consider the location, style and size of the venue. You should also think about the budget. So, what are you looking for? Indoor and outdoor both wedding venues are unique and classic.

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