What Are The Top Things To Do In Barangaroo?


Barangaroo is a small suburb in Sydney. It is situated on the northwestern part of Sydney CBD & the southern end of Harbour Bridge. It is a place where many things to do. Here, you can find a number of bars & restaurants, shops, yoga centre, park and more. If you are planning to spend your holidays in Barangaroo then read the blog carefully.

Eat and drink


Discover the Barangaroo with world-famous foods and drinks. Here, you can find thousands of coffee shops, bars and restaurants. They are casual, communal and classic dining spaces serving delicious, authentic and quality foods every time. The restaurants in Barangaroo always serve a variety of cuisines ranging from Spanish, French, Italian to many other mouth-watering dishes in the world. Apart from that, here you also find iconic bakeries where you can taste cookies, pastries, pies and many more things. In addition, if you are a Spanish food lover then you should definitely check out the best Spanish restaurant in Barangaroo. This restaurant always offers a fantastic taste of Barcelona. This restaurant is also ideal for all kinds of private functions and events like birthdays, engagements, family gatherings and more.

Shopping spree


When you are planning for shopping, normally Barangaroo would not be the 1st thing which comes to your mind. However, you will find many shops in this area. So, when you are visiting Barangaroo, you can check out the shops surely. You will also buy some books, jewellery, men & women wear from the shops. Some famous shops in Barangaroo are David Jones, Peter’s of Kingstone, Collector store, Somedays, Title and more. These shops will surely give you better shopping experience.

Meditate at The Space Studio


Space Studio is a great place to work out. This is a place of the paradise of yoga, pilates and barre lovers. This studio is perfect for mental and physical fitness. So, you will surely check out this studio for meditation classes. The teachers are very helpful and co-operative and the facilities are really modern and very sleek.

Cycling at Barangaroo reserve


Last but not least, if you love cycling then Barangaroo reserve will be the perfect destination for you. Barangaroo Reserve is one of the most popular waterfront parks which offers cycling and walking facilities. Here you can a number of trees and surely enjoy the grassy areas and the scenic beauty as well. This park is the best place for a family picnic.

So, Barangaroo is a great holiday destination. Here you can explore many things. You can taste delicious foods in many restaurants, do shopping, keep fit and fine at the yoga centre and explore the culture.

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