What Types Of Tapas Are Available In Sydney?

In Spain, tapas are usually served with a glass of wine or beer. You can find the delicious tapas at a Spanish restaurant in Sydney. Tapas are of several types such as cold tapas, warm tapas, veggie tapas, meat tapas, seafood tapas and gluten-free tapas. You can never decide which one to try first. They all are mouth-watering and have different tastes. Here are the different types of tapas mentioned below:

Cold tapas:

Cold tapas

During the summer season, the temperature in Spain is very high. You can taste the delicious cold tapas in many of the bars in summer. Some of the cold tapas are aceitunas, boquerones en Vinagre, gazpacho, jamón, tortilla española, queso, pulpo a la gallega.

Warm tapas :


Spaniards prefer warm tapas mostly when the weather turns cold. It is a perfect warming dish. However, you can also try warm tapas at any time. The warm tapas are albondigas, bacalao, been as con me, boquerones Fritos, callos a la madrileña, calamares, caracoles, carrilladas, champiñones, gambas al ajillo, morcilla and paella.

Veggies tapas:

patatas bravas

These tapas are usually cooked without meat but you may discover few scampis or pieces of Jamon in it. Some of the veggies tapas are berenjas con miel, croquetas de queso, gazpacho, patatas bravas, pintxo, tortilla, revuelto.
Gluten-free tapas: These are basically gluten-free. However, it may probably be served with a slice of bread. Some of the gluten-free tapas are aceitunas, chicharrón, champiñones, chorizo, coquinas, ensaladilla rusa, espinacas con garbanzos, morcilla, patatas bravas, paella, tortilla, revolt and queso.

Meat tapas:


It’s a yummy dish in Spain. You can get them in the Spanish bars in Sydney. Some of the meat tapas are albondigas, callos a la madrileña, carrilladas, chicharrón, chorizo, croquetas al jámon, jamón and morcilla.

Seafood tapas:


You will get an authentic taste of seafood in many tapas restaurants. Some of the seafood tapas are bacalao, berberechos, boquerones en Vinagre, boquerones Fritos, coquinas, gambas al ajillo, ortiguillas fritas, pescaíto Frito and sardinas.
Some of the tapas that you should try in Sydney’s Spanish restaurant is:

Patatas bravas:

Typical Spanish (tapa of Patatas bravas)

The potatoes are fried or roasted which is usually covered with garlic sauce or spicy sauce.

Berenjas con miel:


In this recipe, eggplants slices are fried in such a way that it turns crispy. It is served by covering it with honey.


It is usually filled with cheese, fish, bull and cured ham.


Small meatballs are cooked in brown sauce or in tomatoes. This dish is usually served with bread or fries.

Are you feeling hungry? It is quite obvious. The Spanish tapas are really very amazing to taste. You can get all types of Spanish tapas in Sydney’s best Spanish restaurant.

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