Spanish seafoods that you must definitely try out in Sydney restaurants

Spanish Restaurant

We are very much familiar with the fact that Spaniards prefer to make unique and delicious food. Spain is surrounded by water on three sides, so it has a great availability of seafood. Some famous Spanish seafood are Bogavante, Cigala, Centollo, Gambas, Camarones, Langostinos, etc.

  • Bogavante

    It is termed as lobster in other places. They are very large crustacean having tender meat on their claws. Langosta is a spiny lobster- a crustacean without any claw which resides in a seabed. Spaniards eat langosta with a sauce or maybe boiled or sometimes mix them with the seafood rice dish.

  • Cigala

    tasty-prawns-ready-eat_1205-27The Cigala or langoustine is also known as the Dublin Bay Prawn or the Norway Lobster. It is a type of crustacean which is smaller as compared to the other lobsters available in the deep sea. The color of cigala is orange-pink and the body is slim. The height of cigala…

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