Popular Types of Restaurants In Barangaroo

This blog is ideal for the food lovers and restaurant explorers. We know a restaurant is one type of establishment where a variety of foods are finely prepared and then served to you by following proper manner. Based on table service, food and ambiance, restaurants are classified into many types. Among them we will discuss only 4 types which are very popular in Barangaroo.

Fine dining


Fine dining is one of the most traditional types of restaurants. This is extremely perfect for special events and occasions such as wedding, birthday parties, anniversaries etc. Fine dining restaurant has some general characteristics. They are high-end decor, formal atmosphere, formal dress-code, etiquette etc. Staff of these restaurants are very attentive and always follow basic etiquette while serving dishes. Here you can find a variety of dishes.

Casual dining

Business People Lunch Dinner Meeting Restaurant Concept

As the name implies, casual dining is the most common types of restaurants. This is ideal for all people. Some following qualities of this restaurant are moderately priced foods, good table service, fine ambiance and unique decor. Here you can try variety of dishes at a pocket friendly price. You will also enjoy the casual setting and decoration of this restaurant. If you are looking a good restaurant and reasonable priced foods then casual dining restaurant is the perfect option for you.

Tapas bars and restaurants


Now, let discuss a food specific restaurant. If you want to familiar with Spanish culture and foods in Barangaroo then you should surely check out a Spanish restaurant. In Spain, appetizers are known as tapas. Spanish tapas are extremely delicious and can be eaten any time of the day. In a tapas bar and restaurant, you will find variety of Spanish tapas and dishes at a very reasonable price. The ambiance of a Spanish restaurant is classic and beautiful. This type of restaurant is also used for many events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries etc. So, it can be considered as a combination of fine dining and casual dining restaurant. In a Spanish retaurant, you should must try Panfried Goldband Snapper, Spiced Eggplant, Grilled Globe Artchoke, Jamón Croqueta del Día etc.

Contemporary casual

dinner table in luxury hotel

Nowadays, contemporary restaurant has become very popular. This restaurant is very trendy and modern as well. Unique ambiance and friendly serving will surely give a good experience. Here you can find a wide range of healthy food at reasonable price. In Barangaroo, you can find many contemporary style restaurant.
So, these are the four popular types of restaurants in Barangaroo. Hope, you have checked out all restaurants. If not then make a plan to explore them. For trying Spanish foods, go to a tapas restaurant or if you want to arrange a event then go to a fine dining restaurants. Apart from that, casual dining and contemporary restaurant are always open for variety of dishes.

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