What Makes Sydney So Special in December?

Sydney is an antidote to dreary winters in Northern Hemisphere. In December, this part of the world experiences summer and the weather happens to be amazing. You can celebrate Christmas by lounging on the white beaches at day time and then head to watch Christmas lights as well as ice skate during the night. The Christmas comes with a twist & you would love it. There are even lots of nature activities, adventure and festivities on offer. Here is just a simple guide on what you can do and what you can see in Sydney in December.

Sunny Christmas:

Sunny Christmas

All those people who are unable to bear the rain and snow, which occupies much of the European nations in December, December in Sydney is the place for them. The onset of the summer season is quite pleasant with bright days. However, this doesn’t keep down the spirit of New Year or Christmas – they are celebrated with a lot of fervour and zeal.

Christmas parties and functions:

Christmas parties

People in Sydney have a great time during this time of the year. They are in the party mood the entire December. They do all the things that make them merry. Some party lovers even make a point to try out the seasonal delicacies by visiting different restaurants including the most popular chain of a Spanish restaurant in Sydney.

Outdoor activities:


Sydney is a great destination for nature and adventure lovers and December happens to be the best time for exploring the place. Just walking in the city itself is an enormous pleasure on a bright sunny day in December. For more adventure, you can climb Sydney Bridge, go skydiving or explore the Blue Mountains & its splendid nature.

Events + entertainment:


Although tourists visit Sydney all year round December is the busiest time of the year. So, tourist numbers are quite high & there are many festivals and events including the fireworks display at New Year’s Eve that are witnessed at this time of the year. Everyone has something or the other to do. There isn’t going to be any dull moment for anyone on the trip.



The weather is simply the best in December in Sydney. You can see bright blue skies and experience rain showers occasionally. Daytime temperatures are about 25°C and at night it’s about 18°C. The temperature level at sea is around 21°C making it best for water sport adventures.

So, if you haven’t made a plan yet to visit Sydney during December, book your flight tickets and accommodation online now. You will have a gala time out there! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Hurry!

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