6 Delicious Spanish Tapas for the Christmas Party

Do you know what tapa is? It is a snack or appetizer in Spanish cuisine. However, there are a wide variety of fabulous Spanish appetizers available in the Barangaroo’s most popular tapas restaurant. Some of the bars and restaurants of Sydney prepares tapas exclusive for Christmas party or any special occasion. Some of the best tapas are:

Melon con Jamon Serrano – Ham and Melon:

melon ham salad

Melon con Jamon Serrano is salty and flavoured tapas. Serrano ham just makes a perfect contrast with the delightfully juicy and sweet honeydew melon. This dish can be prepared in 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t require cooking. The pale green melon contrasts perfectly with the red ham.

Jamon, Quesoy chorizo con pan:

Jamon, Quesoy chorizo con pan

Jamon, Quesoy chorizo con pan is a very delicious and simple tapa. It can be prepared very easily. This dish can be prepared by using Spanish chorizo, manchego cheese and Serrano ham with the slices of bread. In some Spanish restaurants, olive oil and rubbed tomato is added onto the bread to make it looks perfect for the Christmas party.

Garlic shrimp tapa:

Garlic shrimp tapa

It is one of the common Spanish tapas and can be prepared very easily. This is a garlic flavoured tapas. To make this dish perfect for the party, very small and peeled shrimp is used. It is served either in small plates or clay pots with toothpicks. Baguettes are given alongside to dip it inside the sauce.

Berenjena Frita con Miel de Cana:

Berenjena Frita con Miel de Cana

This is the classic dish from Malaga and Granada region of Andalucia. The molasses along with fried eggplant is very quick and easy to prepare. Usually flour, slice fried eggplant rounds are used for preparing this tapa. It is served by drizzling flavoured honey and molasses (Miel de Cana) over the top of this tapa.

Spanish omelette:

Spanish omelette

This classic dish is just perfect food for any types of party. To make a variation exclusive for Christmas party, red peppers and green peas are added to the tortilla.

Roasted red peppers in olive oil, garlic and vinegar:

Roasted red peppers

Roasted red piquillo peppers are prepared by marinating minced garlic, vinegar and olive oil. The top of the baguette slices is drizzled with vinegar, pepper and oil onto the bread. It is served on a platter along with spoon, toothpicks and a small fork.

These are the top tapas available in the restaurants and bars of Sydney. These delightful tapas are prepared by adding different ingredients to make it more perfect for the Christmas party or any special occasion. You should surely taste the mouthwatering tapas in Sydney’s best Spanish restaurant.

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