Some Creative Bar Decorating Ideas That Your Customers Would Love

Your customers would always want to drink in a space that’s cozy, warm and radiate good vibes. So, if you own a bar try out these decorating ideas. They are creative bar decor ideas, which customers would love.

Beer Cap Map.png

Beer Cap Map: You can collect the beer caps and turn them into a piece of art by putting them in style on an Australian map. Use the map as a wall hanging for displaying what you have tried. It’s going to be a cool way and would look great.

Bottle Cap Backsplash.png

Bottlecap backsplash: Don’t throw those bottle caps. Use it for your bar’s decor purpose and transform them into a piece of decor. Make the best use of your backsplash by decorating it with these caps. It would give your drinking space a contemporary twist. Try it out – it’s a classic bar design.

Floor-To-Ceiling-Wine Bottles.png

Floor-To-Ceiling-Wine Bottles: One of the best bars in the Sydney CBD area is decorated with floor-to-ceiling wine bottles. The customers say that they get a wonderful warm vibe, which greets them when they step inside. They take a seat amongst those wine bottles and that gives them a warm and cozy feeling within the bar.

Wine Barrel Sink.png

Wine Barrel Sink: A sink made up of a wine bar is a cool idea. It’s innovative and best suited for bar owners who do not want to spend much on their decor. Keep this wonderful barrel sink somewhere right in the corner of your bar. Let your customers use it.

Skull & Antler Bar.png

Skull & Antler Bar: Your bar must reflect your style. If you want a more southern-inspired, rugged bar, accents of antlers and skulls can be your choice. You can really give your bar or drinking space an intriguing look with these accents.

Beer Can.png

Beer Can Lighting: You can use recycled beer cans for lighting purposes. It is going to be a very unique bar decorating idea. Materials are easily obtainable – after customers drink beer they would keep the can on the table – use those empty cans for fulfilling your purpose. Don’t use all kinds of a can. Choose the ones that would match with your bar decor. It’s really going to be a completely original bar decor.

Whiskey Bottle Lightingr.png

Whiskey Bottle Lighting: It would be a great idea to light up your bar with whiskey bottles. You can do it in style and all your customers would surely love it. Just make sure to use bottles of varying shapes, colors and sizes for a more interesting visual effect.

Cork Candles.png

Cork Candles: When it comes to bar decorating ideas, there are a few as simple as this. Things you will need are some candles, a few corks and a vase style of your choice. Lit the candles and keep the vase on each table of your bar.

These are eight most popular bar decorating ideas. Try them out. Have them in your bar and see what your customers say or how they react. These are sure to emanate positive vibes.

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