What Are The Upcoming Events In Barangaroo?

Barangaroo is an inner suburb of Sydney. It is one of the busiest places in Australia. In this new year, you need to explore this inner-city through a number of events. During exploring such events, here you should also check out many restaurants. Here, you can find a popular Spanish restaurant in Barangaroo. So, you can try the Spanish dishes this summer. Some of the upcoming events in Barangaroo are given below.

New Year.png

New Year Event At Barangaroo Reserve: Almost everyone in Australia is waiting for the new year event. You can enjoy the new year eve and welcome 2020 with the spectacular harbourside view from Barangaroo Reserve. It is a must-attend event for friends, families, couples, and people of all ages. If you are planning to experience a memorable and safe new year night then don’t forget to attend this event. Apart from the spectacular harbourside view, your eye will also be attracted to the western face of the Harbour Bridge.


Proclamation Sydney Festival: Sydney proclamation festival is another biggest event that you need to explore in 2020. The program will start from 8th January to 26th January. The proclamation is a free and big-scale art installation. Up to 250 flags can explore diverse ideas of Australians about country, land, ownership, and belonging. The event will be held at the Barangaroo Reserve. In this event, participants are always invited for submitting images online that can reflect their ephemeral or precise ideas.


The Vigil: The Vigil is back again Barangaroo Reserve. The event will be held on 25th January 2020. You will surely enjoy the campfire with your family, friends and loved one. Hear live music, choral and poetry performances are the parts of this event. So, if you are in Sydney in this new year then never forget to enjoy this event. You will surely experience the beauty, joy, and resilience of the First Nations culture.


Wugu Ora Morning Ceremony: Wugu Ora Morning Ceremony is the oldest living cultural smoking ceremony in Australia that will be held on 26th Jan at Barangaroo Reserve. You will surely enjoy with Aboriginal dancers and singers in this event. So, when you are making a list of Barangaroo’s upcoming events then do forget to include this ceremony. Wugu Ora Morning Ceremony will surely give you a new cultural experience.

So, these are the top events in Barangaroo. If you are in Sydney or planning to spend this summer holiday here then you should attend these events. However, don’t forget to check out top restaurants for delicious lunch and dinner as well.

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